Preparing for a job interview for Business Analyst and Frontend Developer

Whether you are a Human Resources Manager or a Business Analyst or Frontend Development professional, this article is for you.

Here’s a detailed list of questions for Business Analyst and Frontend Developer candidates. You will find appropriate answers to each question, as well as inappropriate answers and behavior from the candidates.

Business Analyst

What is the most important quality for the role of a business analyst in an IT company, for example?

The best expected possible answer from a candidate: The most important quality for BA in the IT industry is the connection between the world of the business user, who in general is not very technically literate, and the world of the programmer, who handles mostly technical terms incomprehensible. for the average consumer. This is because BA develops the functional specification of the project, which represents the client’s vision of what our product will be made and how with its help the work of the people in his company will be improved.

Unsatisfactory answer: Everyone has certain qualities and positive traits. I, in the role of BA, rely more on the proper documentary process, which must be strictly followed. All roles associated with the project must follow the descriptions of the strategy and not deviate from it. I focus on data analysis because the quantitative description of the set parameters is of primary importance.

How would you describe the role of the business analyst in the organization according to your ideas?

Best expected possible response from a candidate: The business analyst plays a vital role in the business. As business analysts work with managers in the company, it is, therefore, appropriate to develop systems and solutions to move the company forward. Communication with colleagues is important to highlight the needs of the business. Analyzes are made and the data for obtaining results are modeled;

Work with stakeholders to understand the company’s service or products. Reports are prepared to present to stakeholders; Surveys, seminars, and tests are conducted. BAs make proposals and decisions for strategic and operational changes and consider the risks of these proposals; Assess the impact of the changes made. Read more: “Project Manager and HR Specialist interview questions with examples”,

Unsatisfactory answer: The profession of “Business Analyst” provides an opportunity for career development in the IT industry, which for me was a better option than to continue as a programmer or QA. You have to understand the problem of a client and work proactively to create an effective solution, of course, but for me, the focus on the technical implementation of the tasks is basic, because this is the base on which to lean BA and I try to fix myself there.

Can you give an example of a challenge you have faced from the experience of BA?

A best expected possible response from a candidate: The business of one of the clients I worked with on a project at my current place of work was quite dynamic overall, which necessitated a change in the priority of project requirements. I had to react to the change and be flexible, to be able to assess the risks of this change and to offer an optimal solution in this case. Despite the challenging changes, the project was successful.

Unsatisfactory answer: The challenges in my daily work are mainly related to the extraction and management of business requirements. I have often had to face vague or contradictory requirements. Until the customer clarified the vision and concept of his product, BA had nothing to do in this case. I do not want to influence the project, because I am responsible for that.

The conduct of the candidate who is performing inappropriately:

During the interview, the candidate does not make any contributions to the rationalization and harmonization of work processes in his professional experience. Do not ask the interviewer questions about the work environment in the company, specifics of the position, etc. He focuses mainly on his views, in what the responsibilities of the BA position are expressed. He often interrupts the interviewer and does not listen to the questions and explanations.

Frontend Developer

What are the main technologies/tools you use in your daily work?

The best expected possible answer from a candidate: The main tools I use in the projects of my current work are JavaScript, HTML, CSS individually or in combination. I also use different libraries for faster fulfillment of technical requirements.

Unsatisfactory answer: I use only JavaScript because I know it best, I’m not a fan of CSS technology and I avoid using it.

What technical challenge did you face recently and how did you solve it?

The best expected possible answer from a candidate: By writing HTML code and CSS styles to present information in a clear way to all browsers and external compliance of the site with the designer’s model. However, the model did not depict all the details of the general idea. In this case, I helped myself with my design experience to take into account all the technical details. I used additional tools like jQuery, Bootstrap to optimize the process when creating the new design.

Unsatisfactory answer: The design of one of the tabs in the project application had to be updated, but the deadline for the task was unbearable, and I had to transfer part of the task to another colleague to deal with the case.

Are there any programming languages ​​/ technologies you would like to learn in the future? Why did you choose them?

Best expected possible answer from a candidate: Every IT Specialist should be aware of innovations and current trends in technology development. I am interested in the RxJS library because it will be useful for tasks related to processing large amounts of data. Read more: “Questions for a project manager interview”,

Unsatisfactory answer: for now I feel comfortable using the technologies I work with and I am still entering the field of design.

The behavior of the candidate who has an inappropriate performance is assessed as inactive in terms of communication; has no desire for a detailed discussion of his responsibilities towards his professional development; does not use examples of work cases; runs away from specifics and questions about how he would act in a situation of difficulty; does not show enthusiasm and interest in the company or position; Emphasizes pay information by setting high financial requirements;

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