What is Smarketing?

Smarketing is not just a catchy word that we already use. It’s a whole new way of thinking.

Is Smarketing attracting more and more interest, either because of its catchy name or because of its great effectiveness, or possibly both?

The questions we will answer will be several: what is hidden behind the interesting term, what are its benefits, and how to achieve them?

In short, Smarketing (sales+marketing) is a process in which companies align the goals of their marketing and sales teams to a common one, with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčachieving an optimized increase in the company’s financial results.

It’s no secret that the way customers buy has changed. Just a decade ago, if a customer wanted to get information about a product, their options were very limited. “Talk to the provider” was probably the most common response.

Fortunately, this practice is a thing of the past and now customers have the opportunity to do their research thanks to the wide range of information available online. And this is where well-built cooperation and collaboration between marketing and sales teams play a key role.

It is for this reason that marketers use SEO and PPC optimizations to attract customers to the respective site, promote the offered products and services and thus attract new customers. Here we ask ourselves the question: how to get the best of Smarketing for our business?

Both teams must focus their efforts in the same direction with the clear idea that they are doing it to increase the company’s sales since marketing and sales share a common funnel in which each has its functions.

Marketing and sales teams need to speak the same language, use the same terminology, and maintain daily communication with each other. Only then can the product or service be presented in the most effective way possible.

Both teams have preliminary work before starting the process: To clearly define who is MQL (ready for direct marketing) and SQL (ready for marketer intervention), through lead scoring. When MQL is considered SQL ready, the contact details should be passed to a merchant to assess whether this is a potential customer.

Automated marketing tools can help teams make this transition very easy. Depending on the criteria set by both teams during the Lead Scoring process, the system can detect when a lead is ready for the sales team and send a message to the appropriate account manager. At this point, Sales representatives could track the already established contact through the CRM system.

The advantages of integrating Smarketing in the company are that the invested funds are returned much faster, the business goals are achieved with a much greater speed, and last but not least, the team cohesion between the departments is improved.

Creating a Smarketing plan to increase sales can “shoot” any company high. Several studies indicate that thanks to the successful collaboration between the two teams, companies that have implemented “Smarketing” in their structure reach 20% greater efficiency and financial income on an annual basis, compared to other companies. There’s no reason these teams can’t work together when their goal is the same. This is smart marketing!

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